Usually, an ID checker only considers the DOB, but one should check a lot more than the DOB. As a reason, opting for a fake ID might cause a person into a major trouble, so it is important to take precautions. We will discuss them further in detail to get a clear knowledge of how ID card works. There are a lot of people who also create fake IDs, which you can check through fake id reviews.

Aadhaar card

This identity card is only used by the Indian government through which the legality of an Indian citizen is proved. It contains all the basic information of the person, for example, name, father's name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc. An aadhaar card is also represented as proof of identity.

Driving license

A driving license is also called a DL, which gives the assurance and proof that an individual is applicable to drive vehicles in the country. One has to appear for a driving test to get a driving license.

Voter ID

Voter ID is a type of verification card which is only associated with those people who are eligible to vote. This means that they have reached a certain age for voting through the election commission.

PAN card

PAN card stands for permanent account number, which is only issued to the citizen of India. It comes in the form of an alphanumeric number through which tracking financial obligations will become easier.

A borrowed ID

A borrowed ID is something that is borrowed from another person. This is a genuine ID but can only be associated with getting a person's permission. We will better understand it with the help of an example such as 'A' is the brother of 'B' and using her id either for voting purposes or for using it as a driving license.

An altered ID

You might be wondering what an altered ID is. It is specially created for doing minor alterations. For example, a person has to change the date of birth on the driving license so they can visit a bar or club.

Stolen ID

A stolen ID is something that is stolen by someone, such as using a PAN number for registration on a particular app. In the stolen id, no further changes are made.

Duplicate id

A duplicate id is a fake id used for doing work, such as making a driving license by doing some alteration. Considering the information of duplicate IDs will be reached out from fake id reviews.

Imagined id

This type of id is concise with fake documents in terms of creating a fake identification. Also, it requires human verification, which is also forged.